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Your eyes

Hey you

You with the brown eyes

Have you ever hated your eyes for not being blue?

For not being the ocean eyes that people sing about?

Well your eyes

Are so much more than brown

I have always thought of my eyes

As a rotten fruit color

“No” a lover said “like your first good cup of coffee in the morning”

Your eyes

Are Chocolate covered suns

Plucked off the vine

And devoured by my eyes, my heart

Dancing in the beams of gold in your iris

Your eyes,

Are Mahogany seats for the soul

A place to call home,

Put my feet up

And rest

Your eyes

Are Autumn leaves changing in the sun

Brighter and darker

Rivers of walnut

leading into flourishing shades of mocha

Your eyes

Are Like Tree bark, with your strong gaze

The structure that holds me up


and cedar


and sienna

Your eye color

Comes from the earth

Soil made for growth

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