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The Great Return

Two weeks ago I was admitted to the ER for suicidal statements made the week before.

After about a day and a half in the ER, I was wooshed off to Riveredge hospital for inpatient.

I remained there for thirteen days and was discharged today. My experience there was very...rocky. I'll make a second post, reviewing the hospital and what happened there. First I want to write about how it feels coming home from a two week inpatient stay. I'm terrified. My world stopped but the rest of the world moved on. Time passed without me. I feel incredibly overwhelmed and scared. I have to make a bunch of phone calls, to my school, job, and outpatient. I have to catch up on so much. There's no time to take a selfcare break. I don't want to go back but I also don't want to remain in my old habits and old life. The only thing to do is keep moving forward, one step at a time. But is it so bad to ask for a helping hand along the way?

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