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Recovery is not linear

Let's talk about highs and lows of this year.


(Over) One year sober from hard drugs!!!!!

I rediscovered my love of art and creating it!!

Decided to transfer to community college to get my associates in social sciences (psychology)

Started spring semester and it's going well!! All a's (so far! let's hope midterms are ok)

Joined a writing club where I made friends and its a place to read my poetry!

Started dating my boyfriend over one year ago today and wow I love him more than ever

I'm planning to move out in 2025 to be closer to him!!

Got a job in a similar field to mine!!! Behavior therapy!!!

I have almost paid off my scotland trip for this summer (it's a study abroad hiking program with my community college) $410/$3867

Okay okay I think that's enough highs but like now I don't wanna talk about the lows! It's been a good year!!!

I've been recovering slowly but surely and yes I might mess up and cope with weed once in a while but I'm growing into the person I've always meant to be.

Goals for 2023:

Get my license

Quit delta 8

Pass this semester and fall semester

Pay that $410 to the school

Continue working the same job!

And yes I know this seems very "linear" which is not what the title says

While my last post (now deleted) was so so angry, I am learning to turn anger into art instead of blogposts. It does get better. If you try and are open to change. Never give up. (Thats so cheesy but i was supposed to be dead at 15 and now im in college lol never give up!!!!)

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