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New college?

It's been a long time since I've blogged here but I'm gonna try to blog more.

So because of going to inpatient during my first semester of university, I failed 4/6 classes (between 2 semesters I only passed a class each semester). I was unfocused. Depressed. I lost my scholarships because of my declining mental health. I couldn't afford university anymore. I took a semester off to work on myself. During this semester off I met my boyfriend. Because of him I was able to conquer hard drug addiction. (More on that when I feel more comfortable).

Update to now; where I started community college! I was worried I would hate it due to it being a community college but it's so nice and the teachers are great and so far the students have been kind to me. I joined psychology club and became (co-)Vice President! I feel like my voice is being heard in psych club. In two weeks I get to run an art therapy/ self expression workshop. I will share details about it later! I also joined the writing club and YAPA.(youth against political apathy)

Some new healthy habits I've acquired are:

I've been cooking really good healthy food for my family! I've also been walking a lot when I'm manic or depressed to relieve pent up emotions. Which has kept me self harm clean for a while and still is.

I went from doing coke and costing my parents thousands for failing college to passing all my classes and not even smoking weed anymore.

I look better. I feel better. I will become better.

Thanks for reading


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