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“I love you”

Most of my life, I have been afraid of the words “I love you.” I was afraid to tell my lovers or my friends that I loved them. I’ve been lied to about being loved by people who talked behind my back, people who fell out of love or never loved me at all. What I thought was love was NOT love. I struggled to believe I was loved I thought that I had to use those words sparingly.

I’m doing my best to open up more about my emotions. Kinda why I have a healing blog.

But why shouldn‘t I tell my best friends that they’re amazing and I appreciate them and yes, love them.? If I have a genuine connection with someone why can’t I say it?

There are many forms of love and everyone deserves to know they’re loved. “I love you” does not lose meaning with use, same way the word “bowl” doesn’t lose meaning.

•P.S. I love you :)


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