Depression loses hold

Ever since September, I have been in a brutal depressive episode. Depression has been holding me hostage these past three weeks. I've cried more times than I can count. Depression can be so debilitating. I couldn't go to work for two weeks because I couldn't breathe.

I don't want to say my partner is the only reason I am conquering depression, but they sure help a lot.

The feeling of depression loosening its hold on me feels like a cloud has lifted from my head. It feels like my ribcage is no longer concaved and I can breathe again.

After what's happened to me in my life, I never thought I could feel so happy, so hopeful.

There are beautiful things beyond the eyes of depression. There are little kittens meowing for pets and there are partners who will make you feel loved.

I almost gave up so many times, but I trudged through the sewer of sadness, and I can see the light, poking through the other side. While I am not and probably won't be cured of this, I can lay the sadness to rest and start healing.

There is joy out there, within yourself.

Look inside and find it.


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