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Dear Evan Hansen

I watched Dear Evan Hansen: the movie, today with my mom. I cried roughly ten times. Beautiful soundtrack, actors, production and most important, story.

This musical turned movie has impacted my life ever since it came out. But it didn’t fully hit me until I watched the movie.

Evan (played by actor/singer Ben Platt) is so relatable in concept and how much I relate really comes across on screen. Every anxious stutter, panic attack in the bathroom, the absolute loneliness, and unfortunately the real reason he broke his arm. He lies because he just wants to please people and that leads to a spiral of more lies. He just wants to be part of something and even though he meant well, he hurt people.

Connor Murphy. I have so many mixed emotions about him because he was cruel but he was also so lonely and misunderstood. It was to a point where his family couldn’t even remember the good things and that hurt so bad. I wonder will this be my legacy? If I kill myself what would people remember?

I could go over each character but that wasn’t the point of this post.

I love this story so much. It makes me think, I’m not alone. But what can I, Joey, do to make others feel less alone? The words ”I have to do something” keep repeating in my head. I have to do something. Its not enough to scream “you’re not alone” to everyone because some won’t hear. I need a way to bring more mental health awareness. Here is where I start. This blog. These words.

You are not alone!!!!!!

I want to make this blog into a video blog, (a vlog if you may) , following my mental health journey and bringing what I can to the table that is advocacy

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