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all-nighter check-in

Good morning! It is currently 6:15 am and I have not slept!

I have been fueling myself with a monster energy drink and jalapeno Cheetos. I have now switched to water. I am not even a little tired which is kinda concerning.

*not encouraging all-nighters. Please sleep.*

The nighttime is a beautiful time. I used to be afraid of it, afraid of being alone. Since my parents got COVID over winter break, I have been isolating myself. Which obviously, it's a pandemic, had to be safe. At first, I hated isolation from my friends. But now I am enjoying time with myself and Ellie. I am not encouraging isolating. I needed this time to learn to be by myself; to work on my biggest fear and learn to cope with it.

My coping skills for being alone:

1. Being with a pet is like being with someone but without a person being there. 2. Writing or when I can't focus on typing I've learned that 3. making video diaries is a fun way of getting out your thoughts. AND you don't even have to share the videos

I am currently working on a video diary that I will not post until much later.

I hope you and I have a great day today.

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